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Equicheck Assessors are self-employed independent contractors who have a wealth of experience in all aspects of horse riding and care.

In order to become an Equicheck Assessor, you should have at least BHS stage II or otherwise be able to demonstrate your experience in riding and horse care. We carefully vet our Assessors for suitability, so references are required, and we may visit with you in order to make sure you have the right skills. Becoming an Assessor would suit people who are already self-employed, such as freelance grooms or instructors, but anyone can become an Assessor if you have the required qualifications and skills – all you need to do is register self employed and aquire the required insurance.

Equicheck Assessors must have Public Liability Insurance as a minimum. We highly recommend personal accident insurance for those who are offering Silver and Gold checks ( riding checks ).

Equicheck Assessors can specify which packages they offer, and the area that they cover. We recommend a 20-30 mile radius. They also have access to their own personalised calendar, in which an Assessor can manage their schedule, confirm or decline checks, and store client details  Assessors have the ability to decline or cancel an assessment when required, and book out times when they are unavailable such as holidays.

Once accepted, Equicheck Assessors are created a profile page, with their own biography detailing their experience, their calendar, which shows their availability, and a booking form so buyers can book immediately.

Equicheck offers a fantastic flat rate service for its packages, and Assessors recieve 75% of the advertised fee, paid 48 hours after the assessment is complete, the assessment sent to the buyer and invoice and copy of assessment sent to us. This rate is over and above the current hourly rate for most equestrian professionals and represents a fantastic earning opportunity! The more availability you have and the more area you cover, the more bookings you will recieve! There is no limit in how many bookings you can do, but an hour is given between each booking to account for travel times.

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Salient Features

Automatic Paymentwithin 48 hours
Your own Personal Profile Pageuse this link to advertise your services
Personalised Calendarmanage your own working times
Self-employedFantastic Flexibility

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