Q: Is this a vetting service?

A: No. a vetting assesses the horses capability to perform to a particular level based on soundness. Equicheck assessors are not vets, and we cannot perform this function for you. We would always recommend  to get a horse vetted for soundness before proceeding with purchase.

Q: What kind of horse purchases are eligible for an Equicheck?

A: Any type of online horse sale is eligible. This includes online auctions, private sales or dealers where you find that you cannot view the horse yourself in person before purchasing.  This includes unbacked ponies, youngstock, companions, low level riding horses, schoolmasters, all the way up to horses competing at International level.

Q: Does the horse have to be backed/broken for an Equicheck?

A: No. we offer a basic check without riding component which will make sure the horse matches the description offered by the vendor and its behavior on the ground, that a passport and microchip are present and the horse is in good bodily condition before purchase. Extras such as lungeing can be added to this packagefor a small extra fee .

Q: Does Equicheck guarantee the horses suitability?

A: Unfortunately no service can provide that. Equicheck operates in an advisory capacity and acts on the information provided by you which is why it is important to be honest with the assessor regarding your requirements and abilities. An assessor will evaluate the horse on that basis but can only advise you of their opinion. Much like taking a trusted friend with your to view, the assessor can make observations but the decision to proceed with purchase is yours.