How it Works

Purchase with confidence

Wether you are buying online or unseen, want a 2nd opinion, or cant make a 2nd viewing, Equicheck can help. We make sure the horse in question is exactly what you are looking for. 


Search for horses nationwide, safe in the knowledge you dont need to make the long journey to view. 


Find out more about the horse by speaking to the seller - Ask the seller for their viewing availablility and take note



Browse our Assessor profiles to find the right Assessor for you in the local area, check their availability corresponds with the Sellers availability, and choose your check package - there is one for every equine!


Simply fill out your personal details, answer the questions about your riding, and enter in your payment details. The assessor will confirm your booking by phone or email within 24 hours. 


When the Assessment is complete you will be emailed your report within 24 hours. No payment is taken until you confirm you are happy with your report. 

Our Network of Equine Professionals are


Our assessors are Instructors, competitors and owners who possess extensive knowledge and experience to make sure your purchase is as described 


Our Assessor Network will cover the entire United Kingdom, meaning youre never without an Equicheck Assessor wherever the horse is based


Save fuel costs and time trekking up and down the country, no need to view yourself, or even use us as a 2nd opinion or 2nd viewing service

Peace Of Mind.

Equicheck made up of a network of Equine Professionals  who have the knowledge and experience to hand to be able to independently assess behavior, talent and suitability of your prospective purchase,  be that a schoolmaster cob from a online auction to a FEI level showjumper for client based abroad - and everything in between !

We carefully check the horse matches the description given, including height, age, colour, behavior, talent and more!

Simply browse our profiles of online assessors and pick one you like, fill out the form stating your ability and requirements, make the booking using our online system and our assessor will be in touch to confirm. Once a date and time has been confirmed, our assessor will visit the vendors premisis and independently assess the horse on your behalf. Depending on the package selected, this could be anything from picking up feet to jumping a course!

Once the assessment has finished, our Assessor will get in touch with you to explain their findings and also supply a written report. Your decision to proceed or not with the sale/auction is then up to you. If the assessment does not go ahead for any reason, and is not cancelled within 24 hours, then no money is debited from you.