Welcome to Equicheck

Welcome to the first iteration of Equi-check! A little more about us and how we came into being…..

We are super excited to be working on this fantastic new concept when it comes to horse buying and selling in the UK and we hope to be launching our full website soon, so please check back regularly for updates!

Equicheck has been launched because of the serious issue of ‘ dodgy dealings’ and the new emerging trends of Online Horse Auctions and similar pages and websites, where all too often conflict arises out of a horse purchase gone wrong.

More and more horse purchases seem to go wrong these days and less and less buyers view or vet their horses – sometimes because due to lack of time or transport, the low purchase price of simply novice buyers putting too much trust in an online description and video! Of course the best way to have peace of mind is to view and vet yourself, however this is now becoming less and less favourable, so Equicheck are here to help!

Equicheck wants to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to buying the horse of your dreams online – think of it almost as a trusted friend or instructor viewing for you, or even akin to an AA car check! While we cannot perform a traditional vetting for soundness ( thats a vets job! ) we can check that the horse is as good as the advert says it is – be it catch lead, pick feet, load, mount ride and jump and almost everything in between!

All of this will be carried out by our experienced Assessors who have a high level of experience and trust, for a reasonable fee.

This concept is the brainchild of one small yard owner, who knows first-hand the pitfalls and triumphs  of horse purchases. Based in beautiful North Buckinghamshire countryside, we run a small, private yard and compete mostly in Dressage.